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Eighteen Years on The Gold Coast of Africa

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Eighteen Years on The Gold Coast of Africa, including an Account of the Native Tribes, and Their Intercourse with Europeans

FIRST EDITION, 2 vols, 8vo, old style calf. An interesting account of the manners, customs, history, witchcraft, etc. of The Gold Coast, includes also a description of Governor Maclean's administration at Cape Coast castle, vol. 1. pp. 168-231. The author spent eighteen years of his life at Cape Coast Castle, or the settlements which brought him into constant connexion with the natives in matters of law and custom. His book is the result of his long opportunities and experience; and it contains the most thorough and complete account of the character, customs, superstitions, laws and social state of the Western Negroes. To this survey Cruickshank has added a history of the settlements on the Gold Coast.