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An Authentic Narrative of the Wreck of the Sceptre

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An Authentic Narrative of the Wreck of the Sceptre, 64 Guns, Capt. Valentine Edwards, In
Table Bay, Cape of Good Hope, November 6, 1799, including the Melancholy Loss of upwards
of Three Hundred and Fifty of the Creww, Captain, Officers, etc, and the Miraculous
Preservation of the Rest, ...Also the Sufferings of Don Joseph Pizarro, etc. in a tremendous
Hurricane. Cape of Good Hope. FIRST EDITION, folding engraved frontispiece, sm. 8vo,
wrappers, Tegg, London, (1809)

While under the command of Captain Edwards, Sceptre was caught at anchor in a storm on 5
November 1799 along with seven other ships in Table Bay, near the Cape of Good Hope. The
ship was battered to pieces, and approximately 349 seamen and marines were killed or drowned.
One officer, two midshipmen, 47 seamen and one marine were saved from the wreck, but nine of
these died on the beach.