The Narrative of Mr. John Soren

The Narrative of Mr. John Soren

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Soren (John) The Narrative of Mr. John Soren, A Native of the United States of America, Piratically Captured on the High Seas, in Requital for an Act of Humanity in Saving a British Transport, with Near 300 Troops on Board, From Sinking, With an Appendix Containing the Documents Referred to in the Narrative, A Letter from the American Minister and Testimonials of the Truth of the Statement from Major Mansergh, The Commanding Officer of the Troops, and Captain Davis, 54 pp. modern red half morocco, spine lettered in gilt, Boston, 1800




Sabin 87138.


First Boston edition, reprinted from the first London edition of the same year. Especially produced and sold for the relief of Mr. Soren and his Family.


Soren, a native of Boston and partner in the firm of Holyoke and Soren, set sail for Surinam aboard the "Enterprise" in late 1795 to collect "West-Indian products". En route, the Enterprise encountered a foundering vessel and crew, to whom Soren's party offered aid. The Enterprise was taken by the other crew, who insisted it was a French ship carrying French and Dutch cargo. the affair resulted in Soren losing a good deal of his investment in the venture. the Enterprise went to Barbados, where the case was judged, and although Soren recovered his ship, he received no remuneration for his losses. A number of documents are appended to the narrative, including bills of landing and statistics regarding the loss sustained by the owners of the Enterprise.