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New South Wales General Post Office Directory

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New South Wales (the) Calender and General Post Office Directory, 1834, FIRST EDITION, folding map of the town of Sydney(laid down on linen) engraved plate "The pass as completed at Mount Victoria" 2 folding plates of signals(one in colour) and 9 engraved tradesman's advertisements, sm. 8vo, contemporary calf, rebacked(some browning) Printed and Published by Stephens and Stokes, Sydney, 1834


Ferguson 1833


Includes: Hints relating to Emigrants and Emigration, by The Rev. H. Carmichael, 26 pages.

Itinerary; Comprising the Roads Throughout New South Wales, 101 pages.

General Post Office Directory, of names and addresses in N.S.W. 132 pages.



New South Wales General Post Office Directory