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Finely Bound Set of James Naval History.

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James (W.) The Naval History of Great Britain...with additions and notes and an account of the Burmese War and the Battle of Navarino by Capt. Chamich, NEW EDITION, engraved portraits, 6 vols, 8vo, finely bound in blue polished calf, gilt panelled backs, tooled in gilt with ships, anchors and signal flags, red letter pieces, London, 1847


"The naval history of Great Britain, from the declaration of war by France in 1793 to the accession of George IV This last, remarkable, work, aimed at an exact account of every operation of naval war during the period named. James consulted not only published works, especially the official narratives, both British and French, but also the logs of the ships, and, whenever possible, the participants themselves. It is, however, a chronicle rather than a history, and is written from an unremittingly British point of view. It was not until 1837 that a third edition was published with additions, including accounts of the First Anglo-Burmese War and the battle of Navarino, by Captain Frederick Chamier". DNB.

Finely Bound Set of James Naval History.