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Export of Tin from Cornwall to India, Persia,

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[Unwin George] Letters, remarks, &c with a View to Open an Extensive Trade in the article of Tin from the county of Cornwall to India, Persia, and China, FIRST EDITION, 4 + 44 pages, 8vo, FINE COPY bound in full contemporary red morocco, decoratively gold-tooled spine, sides gold-tooled with decorative boarders corner-pieces and attractive floral centre-pieces, inside gilt boarders, e.g. with metal clasps, London, 1790


The author had been a Purser in His Majesty's Navy and had also served in the Eats India Company's service, he records his visits to the Island of Banca in the East Indies and collected two hundred tons of tin from Banca shipped in the ship 'Landsdown' East Indiaman then exported the consignment to China. He suggest with reason why the proprietors of the Tin Mines in the County of Cornwall could also export tin to China.


Two original specimens of tin have been removed from the text.

Export of Tin from Cornwall to India, Persia,