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Directory of the City and District of Sydney

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Low's Directory of the City and District of Sydney for MDCCCXLVII, FIRST EDITION, coloured code of signals frontispiece, narrow roy. 8vo, modern leather(slightly browned and a few pages with a small marginal stain) printed by Alonzo Grocott, Sydney, 1847


Ferguson 4579


Ferguson records 60 pages of advertisements, our copy only contains 54 pages(last leaf defective) listing 84 trade advertisements, plus the following inserted advertisements,- W. Blyth, pastry cook; J. Thomson, house painter; Andrew Lenchan, cabinet maker and W. Baker, lithographer(2 on 1 leaf) Tooth's Kent Brewery; Struth's Engineer Ship Smith Founder; Henry Parkes Ivory and Bone Toy Manufacturers; D. Wall, Columbian Press.


One of the advertisements records "Sir T.L. Mitchell Expedition. This Day is Published by Statham and Foster, a map of This Expedition, combined with the Travels of Dr. Leichhardt, and to be had with or without the descriptive type matter, price five shillings. This Map is of the highest importance to the Squatting Interests."


This work also contains a "Chronology of Remarkable Events" and a "City of Sydney Directory", which are most useful and important records.



Directory of the City and District of Sydney