Daniell's Oriental Scenery

Daniell's Oriental Scenery

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Daniell (Thomas and William) Oriental Scenery...
Containing Architecture, Antiquities and Landscape Scenery, Parts 1-5, Part 6, Hindoo Excavations in the Mountain of Ellora near Aurungabad in the Decan, Twenty-Four views from the Drawings of James Wales, under the direction of Thomas Daniell, 6 vols. Folio, bound in three, contemporary half maroon morocco, London, 1812-16.                                                        

Abbey 432.

COMPLETE SET, containing 144 lithograph plates and 8 plans. The Daniells published this smaller version of their large folio edition of the Oriental Scenery to make it available to a wider audience.

Part 1. Views of Delhi, Agra and Bahar.
Part 2. Town and Harbour Scenes of Calcutta and Views of Madras.
Part 3. Mosques, Mausoleums and views of Bahar, Allahabad, Mysor, and Delhi.
Part 4. River Ganges, Serinagur, Tinnevelly.
Part 5. Elephanta Cave, Salsette, Gour, Bangalore.
Part 6. Mountain of Ellora.