Crozet's Voayge to Tasmainia,

Crozet's Voayge to Tasmainia,

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Crozet's Voayge to Tasmainia, New Zealand the Ladrone Islands, and the Philippines in the years 1771-1772, translated by H. Ling Roth, FIRST ENGLISH EDITION, with a Preface and a Brief Reference to the Literature of New Zealand by Jas. R. Boose, folding chart, folding plate, 8 plates and 21 text illustrations, 8vo, full polished calf, gilt panel spine, green letter-piece, London, 1891

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FINE COPY of the first French voyage of exploration to visit New Zealand and the second French voyage to visit Australia, preceded by Allouarn's brief stop on the west of Australia.

The expedition under the command of Marc-Joseph Marrion Dufresne, comprised of two ships, the 'Mascarin' with Marion as captain and Julien Marie Crozet as second-in-command and the 'Marquis de Castries' with Anbroise Le Jar du Clesmeur as captain.