Beeckman (Captain Daniel) A Voyage to and from the Island of Borneo,

Beeckman (Captain Daniel) A Voyage to and from the Island of Borneo,

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Beeckman (Captain Daniel) A Voyage to and from the Island of Borneo, in the East Indies, with a Description of the said Island: giving an Account of the Inhabitants, their manners, Customs, Religion, Product, Chief Ports and Trade, together with the Re-establishment of the English Trade there, An. 1714, after our factory had been destroyed by the Banjareens some years before, etc. FIRST EDITION, 2 maps and 5 plates, 8vo, contemporary calf, gilt panelled spine, red letter piece(joints repaired), London, 1718

Beeckman remarks that considering the number of printed voyages to and from the East-Indies, there is but little or no account given of Borneo(the greatest island of all the Indian seas, and where a considerable branch of trade might be settled...) and he was one of the few Englishmen to have had an opportunity of knowing both the humour of the people, the way of dealing with them, the country, product, and price of their commodities, as having been a considerable time conversant among the natives; having ventured often far up into their country. He intended not either to amuse, or abuse the publick, or to please such as delight in fabulous romantick legends of stories. On the contrary, I have endeavoured herein to be as useful as possible to those who may hereafter have occasion to go into the countries I have given account of, by laying down such directions and rules in regard to trade, and as they may be better govern themselves by, and avoid a great many inconveniences that might otherwise happen.

Includes also a "Description of the islands of Canary, Cape Verd, Java, Madura, of the Streights of Bally, the Cape of Good Hope, the Hottentots, the Islands of St. Helena, Ascension, with some Remarks and Directions touching Trade, etc.